Science is associated with everything we see, smell, hear, taste and use in today’s world. At Montgomery Academy, we encourage students to develop their interest and enthusiasm for science through investigative analysis, modelling and collaborative problem solving. From Year 7 onwards, we aim to embed and sequentially strengthen scientific skills, vocabulary and understanding so that students can describe and explain what they observe experimentally and then apply their knowledge to unfamiliar but linked real life scenarios.

All students study science at Montgomery and when students join us in Year 7, they begin an exciting 5-year learning journey that covers in full the National Curriculum. Our recovery curriculum, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, accounts for the school closure and although re-opening has meant subtle sequencing changes in line with teaching within bubbles, all students will complete the Key Stage 3 National Curriculum before moving onto the Key Stage 4 program of study. We believe this is important for inclusion and long-term student progress. Currently, our Year 11 cohort is split into separate science and combined science cohorts, but from 2021-2022, all students will have the opportunity to study the separate science pathway at Key Stage 4 to enhance breadth and depth of the science curriculum. This comprehensive course is designed to enhance curiosity and this enables students to search for meaning in natural and physical phenomena with a critical, creative but evidence-based mindset. 

Within each science lesson at Montgomery, students will be tasked with answering a challenge question that underpins the entire lesson. They will initially complete a low stakes retrieval entry task designed to improve their long-term memory of key concepts. Lessons where appropriate will involve a group based practical investigation which allows students to work with others, build team work and communication skills and make informed judgements from the results they generate. We aim to model examples, engage students in discovery-based learning before then challenging them to apply their knowledge. 

Alongside the science curriculum at Montgomery, lies a plethora of extracurricular activities. As well as popular Year 7 and 8 science clubs, we also run a space club, an award-winning STEAM club and a science creative arts club. We also organise a yearly science visit to Paris. This important science enrichment serves to motivate, inspire and enthuse our students. It supplements our academic curriculum and allows students to appreciate that science can change lives for the better in terms of the environment, medicine, technology, business and commerce. Making science more accessible and linking it to careers in the real world is how we believe we will develop and encourage the scientists of the future.

To take a virtual tour of the science department at Montgomery, please use the following link:

Science Curriculum Overview

SMSC in Science
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KS3 Science Learning Journey
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