Transition (Y6 - Y7)

Welcome to our Year 6 students and families!



For students starting Secondary School the move brings a whole host of new opportunities, new subjects to study, clubs to join, friends to meet and challenges too. We hope that your transition to Montgomery is an exciting time although we also understand  that you will have some worries-this is very normal!

At the current time when things aren’t ‘normal’ we are working very hard behind the scenes to make sure that transition is smooth, successful and above all safe for all of the students we are looking forward to welcoming. This is a key priority for us.

Your Year 6 teachers have been a fantastic support to us throughout the year and especially in recent weeks. We have had many remote meetings to best plan for your arrival and we have shared learning activities and emotional well-being support activities for this last half term when some of you will return to school. For many of us, and myself included, our use of technology has certainly improved at pace!

We are currently in the process of placing you in tutor groups and more information will come to you soon about how this will work. Miss Holden, Year 7 Progress Manager and Mr Higgs, Year 7 Pastoral Manager will be making the move from Year 11 to leading your year group with expertise and energy. Miss Chadwick, our SENDCo is very busy planning support for those students who need this and the Headstart Team are working with us too. Your Year 7 Progress Tutors, who will be a key support to you daily,  are very much looking forward to meeting you too and will also be in touch soon.

On the website you will find links to information we have previously issued if you need to look back and I hope that this area will continue to develop with updates. For example there is the latest information from our Uniform suppliers and the current uniform list as this is on many peoples’ minds.

There will be many questions and this is also usual at this time. Be reassured however that even though we can’t be with you in person right now we are always here  to help and our work and support continues if not stronger than ever before!

Just this week some of our younger students have shared their thoughts around transition and these too will answer many of your questions no doubt.  See their work on here.

Maybe in the coming weeks you can practise your journey to school, as part of your daily exercise? Have you filled in and returned the ‘All about Me sheet and the Data Booklets that we sent out with a SAE for the safe return? We are keen to get to know you more and these are vital for us to be able to do so.

In a world that may seem a little upside down at times at the moment one thing hasn’t changed at all. You matter to us, we care about you and we will always got the extra mile to support you.  We are looking forward to meeting you when the time is right.

Mrs Bunker, Transition Manager

To view our current uniform updates, please CLICK HERE.

To view the term dates for 2020-21, please CLICK HERE.


INFORMATION TO FOLLOW (please check back here regularly)

  • Information regarding your child's tutor group
  • New intake information pack
  • Virtual greetings from our SLT (Senior Leadership Team)
  • Information regarding SEND pupils

Y6 - Y7 Key Transition Documents

Transition interviews with our students