MFL Curriculum Statement of Intent

The MFL Curriculum at Montgomery Academy aims to provide students with the knowledge, understanding and skills which enable them to progress onto the next stage of their education.  We strive to develop learners who have high aspirations, resilience and independence and students who take every opportunity they are given to develop as global citizens.  We aim to also provide students with a range of enrichment opportunities to help them become responsible citizens who can make a positive contribution to society.


The MFL Department aims to: 

  • Develop confident, capable and articulate linguists who can work independently in their Speaking and Writing with a range of vocabulary, tenses, complex structures and extended opinions.
  • Learning is themed around real world topics and issues, which gradually introduces increasingly complex levels of vocabulary and structures to stretch and challenge students. 
  • High expectations are expected in all MFL lessons. 
  • We provide students with opportunities to develop the four skill areas of Listening, Speaking. Reading and Writing. 
  • Students are regularly expected to work from memory to ensure they are fully prepared for the demands of the new GCSE. 
  • The Language Department is re-introducing French visits to develop an awareness and understanding of cultural and linguistic diversity.
  • We offer as after-school Italian club and various after-school revision sessions to highlight the importance of hard work, independence and commitment and to encourage students to challenge their abilities. 
  • Students with a home language other than English are often assessed at the beginning of their education at Montgomery and every opportunity is given to encourage them to undertake a GCSE in their home language. 
  • We developed links with further education providers to offer our students opportunities to see beyond high school and raise their aspirations. 


French Curriculum Overview