Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts at Montgomery Academy enables our students to explore their creativity across the subjects of art, drama and music at key stage 3. Students receive two lessons per week on a carousel rotation, where they visit two of our subjects over a period of 13 weeks. During the academic year each student will visit each of our subjects for two projects.  The 13 week projects are designed to provide a ‘taster’ in each of our subjects—teaching basic skills, techniques and processes that give an overview to be explored more widely, should the student opt for the subject at key stage 4. We pride ourselves on our delivery of expressive arts—a team of specialist teachers in our fields, with a passion for our subjects. Art, drama, music and media studies are represented in the option blocks every year and we maintain a consistent uptake of students for our subjects, at key stage 4.

Expressive Arts Learning Journey

What will you learn at GCSE in Expressive Arts subjects?

Art:  We deliver the AQA Art, Craft & Design course, which enables students to explore a wide variety of media, techniques and artists’ influences, to create a body of work referred to as Unit 1 Portfolio—worth 60 % of the final GCSE grade. The remaining 40% of the final grade is in the form of a practical exam referred to as Unit 2 Externally Set Task. This is over a period of 10 hours and takes place in year 11.

Art Curriculum Overview

Art Curriculum Overview 2020-21
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Art Recovery Curriculum
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Art Learning Journey
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Drama:  We deliver Eduqas Drama, where students are taught to develop their vocal and physical acting skills whilst performing devised and scripted pieces of theatre. The course consists of 40 % performance and 60 % coursework and exam. The minimum expectation of students is their ability to learn lines, work independently during rehearsal and ultimately, be able to perform.

Drama Curriculum Overview

Drama Recovery Curriculum
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Drama Learning Journey
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Media Studies: We deliver AQA Media, which invites students to learn about many forms of the mass media, reflect on their own personal experiences of them and then apply that knowledge to the four key concepts:

  • Audience
  • Representation of specific groups
  • Use of language and communication
  • Institutions and Industries

Students will do this practically and theoretically and will be assessed through coursework (30%) and examination (70%).

Media Studies Curriculum

Music:  We deliver AQA Music which gives students the opportunity to experience a wide range of musical genres as well as the development of listening, practical and composition skills. The course consists of four areas of study:

  • Western classical tradition 1650—1910
  •  Popular music
  • Traditional music
  • Western classical tradition since 1910 This learning is assessed through exams in listening (40%), performance (30%) and composition (30%).

Music Curriculum Overview