Pupil Premium Plan 2015-2016


Pupil premium (PP) grant is allocated to schools to support work designed to narrow achievement gaps between ‘disadvantaged students’ and all others.

In the 2015-16 academic year, secondary schools receive £935 for each child registered as eligible for free school meals at any point in the last six years.

This funding is intended for the use to narrow the disadvantage gap by addressing inequalities and raising attainment and overall achievement for students in low income families (as defined by securing a Pupil Premium allocation). Support is devised carefully using available research and evidence of successful strategy within and beyond school.


Key Objectives
  1. To heighten awareness of PP students and to raise their profile within school so that staff can monitor their progress, support  effectively and challenge underachievement
  2. To improve curriculum engagement, progress and academic achievement of PP students to narrow the attainment gap between PP students and non PP students
  3. To improve attendance of PP students so that they have better access to all aspects of the curriculum and thus reducing the attendance gap between PP and non PP  students
  4. To support Year 6 PP students through the transition to secondary school to ensure a smooth induction and a continuation of progress


Planned use of funds

Our Pupil Premium allocation during 2015-2016 is targeted to support a wide variety of highly effective intervention strategies.

  • Visit to Borwick Hall for students suffering with anxiety
  • Visit to Borwick Hall for A/A* students focusing on English and maths
  • Visit to Borwick Hall for B - G students focusing on English and maths
  • External provision of anger management throughout the year
  • External provision for motivation and raising self- esteem to be put in place throughout the year.
  • Interventions in place across all subjects to meet PP students’ needs (after school, registration, tutor group time, PHSE withdrawal, half term school, Saturday mornings, Borwick Hall, 1 to 1 tuition, additional support in Maths)
  • Group tutors to monitor and mentor PP students liaising closely with progress managers to identify support strategies
  • Links with Blackpool Sixth Form, and Blackpool and the Fylde College to raise aspirations and to support transition
  • Careers interviews for all PP students in Years 10 and 11
  • Portakabin set up to support all students but particularly PP students to maximise usage of time on students’ timetable
  • Effective tracking through Montgomery Transition Matrix and the use of Flight Paths
  • Key stage 3 intervention in English, maths and science on Thursday evenings
  • Half –term booster classes for PP students in Year 9 in English, Maths and Science
  • Financial support to subsidise curriculum based visits
  • Use of Focus system to track interventions and impact



All PP students who are PA placed on a Montgomery Student Support Plan

  • Fast track specific pupil premium group
  • Pupil premium attendance blitzes
  • 3.0 days PWO specifically for PP and SEND
  • Staff training for improving PP attendance within tutor groups
  • Group tutors issued with relevant data
  • Attendance assemblies

Many of the same interventions are in place as last year with more interventions cascading down to all year groups. An additional teacher has been appointed in maths, to support Pupil Premium. An added bonus is that there is now a full time PWO in place to improve attendance.

Additional interventions for this year include:

  • Additional anxiety workshops delivered for CAMHS students
  • All Group Tutors to mentor 2 of their PP students in addition to other mentoring programs in place
  • Greater focus on progress and less on attendance and behaviour for Progress Managers
  • Increased engagement between Progress Team and Group Tutors to ensure progress
  • An increase in the number of progress meetings to discuss underachievement attended by both subject teachers and members of the progress teams
  • Student achievement identified by use of ‘War Boards’ in the staff room and in Progress Managers offices
  • Use of individual flight paths for all students in all subjects so students take responsibility for their own progress
  • All intervention recorded to identify gaps
  • Focus system introduced to improve recording of actions and impact
  • Greater use of SISRA Analytics by Progress Team to track students
  • The library available as a quiet study area for students to work at breaks and after school


Financial Statement

For the academic year 2015-16, Montgomery High School has £406,500 funding for Pupil Premium students. This is calculated from the January 2015 school census. It is expected that 423 pupils are eligible for pupil premium. The school is also expecting a year 7 Catch Up Premium of £13,000 (budgeted) to support progress for students who did not achieve at least a level 4 in reading and/or mathematics at key stage 2. The final catch up premium allocation will be paid to the school by the EFA in March 2016.


Item / Project
Cost (£)
Staffing - PP Focused Time. £235,400

Staffing support from Assistant Principal PP, Head of Lower School, Pastoral, Behaviour and Progress Managers in supporting PP improvements and tracking.

Staffing – Additional Maths Teacher


Full time Mathematics support specifically focusing on the progress of PP students.
Staffing – Data Analysis £5,700 Data Analyst to provide regular end of cycle Pupil Premium progress reports for the Headteacher.
Staffing – Nurture Unit £14,200 High level pastoral / SEND Support to PP students.
Staffing – Pupil Welfare Officer £24,000 Targeted contact with parents/carers of PP students. (3 days per week)
Staffing – Careers Advisor £9,200 All PP students in years 10 and 11 receive an interview with a careers advisor.
Staffing – Accelerated Reader Programme £16,800 Programme to enable students who have not made the expected level of progress in reading and weaker readers more generally to make more rapid progress. Targeted at year 7s
Interventions £43,800 Interventions including mentoring, anger management and counselling. Additional schooling at Easter and on Saturdays during the Spring term to ensure we are meeting the needs of disadvantaged students.
Music Lessons £8,800 Free music lessons for PP students undertaking music as a chosen subject
Borwick Hall Programme £9,300 3 additional weekends offsite tuition for  PP students targeted at improving results
IT Subscriptions £10,150 Accelerated Reader, Mint Class, Vision 2 Learn, SISRA software subscriptions
Portakabin Lease £7,100 Half of the leased Portakabin  (1 room) is used as ‘buddy space’ for PP students 
Educational Materials £15,600 Includes educational equipment, ingredients for catering, revisions guides, and course materials for PP students.
School Visit Contributions £2,000 Contributions to school visits for PP students eligible to take part who may otherwise miss out due to hardship issues.