Steps to Creating an Account on ParentScope

1. Log onto
2. Press the ‘create an account’ button
3. Enter your name, address, phone number and email
4. Create a user name and password of your own choosing. Please do this carefully as they cannot be recovered once you have registered.
5. Click the ‘create account’ button again to create your account
6. A message will then read: Account created. Please login below
7. Enter how many children you have
8. Enter each child’s UPN separately and click ‘assign UPNs’
9. Click the ‘accept’ box next to each child to assign them to your profile and then click the ‘confirm’ button.

Using the ParentScope Interface

Once you have logged in successfully, your account open with the transaction screen displayed first. From here you can select a child (if you have more than one on the account) to view their transactional data. You may also click the ‘View Revaluations’ link to view all revaluations. On both screens the ‘select child’ option is present. The child must be selected from the drop down list before the ‘select’ button is clicked. Now you will be able to see the child, their UPN and balance. Once you have finished using the interface always click the ‘logout’ button and close your browser.
These details together with further information relating to the site can be found on the school website under the staff/student/parent portal header.