Vision and Values

Montgomery High School has a long and proud history and we are building on these foundations with a strong and unrelenting focus on the elements that make a great school. Fundamental to our future success is the quality of teaching. We are here to ensure that every student experiences inspiring lessons taught by motivated and well qualified teachers. We work with all our staff to ensure the craft of the classroom is the best it can be. Our students deserve nothing less.

We are passionate about the very best in school leadership and have restructured and strengthened the Senior Leadership Team. We are delighted that through close and effective partnership and working with other highly successful local schools, we have brokered in leaders with a strong track record of school improvement.
We are very proud of the successes of all our students. Our school is built upon the foundations of mutual respect, ambition and the firm beliefs that learning counts and people really matter. We also strive to be at the forefront of innovation and change in education. We have developed a curriculum responsive to the needs of the young people in a rapidly changing world. We are committed to inspiring students to be positive contributors to their school and wider community.

This school is energetic, inclusive and continually seeking ways to develop and improve the opportunities we offer to the local and wider community. We strive to maintain a firm balance between our prime function of providing the highest quality education and care in the broadest sense and attention to the individual needs
of each member of the school.