The Academy Council was appointed on October 1st 2014 as Montgomery became a Sponsored Academy with the Fylde Coast Academy Trust (FCAT)


The members of the Academy Council are:

  • Paul Frew (Chair, FCAT Governor)
  • Gail Goodman (FCAT Governor)
  • Natallia Robertson (FCAT Governor)
  • Sam Brown (FCAT Governor)
  • Nick Harrop (FCAT Governor)
  • Steven Morrissey (Parent Governor)
  • Emma Ellison (Parent Governor)
  • Dave Benson (Staff)
  • Melissa Campbell (Staff)
  • Stephen Careless (Headteacher)
  • Stephen Cox (Executive Headteacher)


The Academy Council plays a vital role in the governance and accountability of Montgomery High School; its responsibilities include:


·         Support the vision and direction of FCAT

·         Set and review the vision and direction for Montgomery High School within the framework of FCAT’s vision

·         Approval of Montgomery High School’s budget

·         Oversee the financial monitoring of Montgomery High School.

·         Hold the Montgomery High School Principal to account for standards and report annually to the Directors

·         Act as a critical friend to the Montgomery High School Headteacher

·         Approval of capital programmes before submission to the Board of Directors

The Academy Council is not responsible for the operational and day to day management of Montgomery High School, this is the remit of the Principal who reports to the Chief Executive.

FCAT Governance Documents

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The Academy Council Attendance Records can be found in the Register of Business
Interests document below: 


Montgomery Academy Council Register of Business Interests and Governor Attendance


For details surrounding the structure and remit of the governing body across Montgomery and FCAT, please see the FCAT scheme of delegation by following the attached link,

FCAT Scheme of Delegation


How to contact the Governing Body

Contact with the Governing Body is through Ciara Gregson, the Clerk to the Governors.

She can be contacted:

·         By post to the school or by hand via Main School Reception

·         By phone on 01253 207709 (FCAT Central)

·         By e-mail to